Magnetic Notepads

Magnetic Business Card Notepads, To Do Lists, and Grocery Lists

Everyone with business cards can use Magnetic Business Card Note Pads to keep their name in front of customers. Available in 48 hours or less, you can have an instant imprinted gift item for trade shows and sales meetings, or use for sales calls and prospecting. Simply peel off the protective liner and press your business card onto the exposed adhesive for an instant imprinted specialty item.





Blank Notepads:


100 for $0.65 each

300 for $0.40 each

500 for $0.40 each

1000 for $0.40 each

Grocery List / Things to Do:


100 for $0.66 each

Select Cover :

300 for $0.43 each

Select Cover :

500 for $0.43 each

Select Cover :

1000 for $0.43 each

Select Cover :


Life can be anything hectic these days. We have entered an age of new technology and creative innovations. Our parents lived in much simpler times, when one parent worked and the other stayed home to manage the household duties. Fast forward to the year twenty ten and most households require 2 incomes just to keep the bills above water. There’s more to do, and more to remember. Not only is dad working, but mom holds down a job too. The kids are carted off to school and both parents begin their day in the competitive work force. With so much to do and the house being left alone during the day, how can anyone possibly remember all that has to be done? Art Fry probably had no idea how his invention of the post-it-note would end up in millions of homes, helping people to keep organized in a busy world. Here at Promo Solutions we understand how busy you are, and that’s why we have just what you need. We have taken to do lists to a whole new level. For small business owners who want to get the word out, we offer magnetic note pads, grocery lists, and to do lists.

In a busy world of never ending chores, tasks, and running children to soccer practice-we can help you remember what comes next with our magnetic notepads. And because we know people really use these notepads, they will see your business listed on theirs every time they check their list. How can we possibly remember all of our appointments with so much going on? After a long work day, mom takes junior to soccer practice, then arrives home having to make supper for the family. Then there are dentist and doctor appointments, not to mention the dry cleaners and dad’s business dinner with an important client. There are pets to take of, laundry to be done, and a house to clean. Sometimes it’s easier just to put it all off until tomorrow. But eventually clothes need to be cleaned, and dad’s business suit needs to be picked up from the cleaners. Then the family is sick, and everything’s put on hold. That’s when you realize that the dishes can wait, and the clothes don’t need to be laundered-because a house full of sick people are wearing pajamas anyway.

After everyone has recovered, it’s time to repeat life all over again. It’s back to work and running junior to soccer practice, and time to get the household chores complete. Everyone can benefit from our notepads. This is a product that can be seen on every refrigerator, or file cabinet. Every time a person views their list, they are also looking at your business-cleverly printed on the magnetic pad. You have nothing to lose by promoting your business with Promo Solutions. Another household will be more organized, and you’re one step away from another potential customer! We are still facing tough economic times, and this is an inexpensive way for you to keep your business afloat. Don’t procrastinate-order your magnetic notepads today!

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